About Supreme Fertility

Supreme Fertility, a premiere biotechnology company based in Pretoria, South Africa. Our customized DNA analytics, is specifically designed for healthcare practitioners to validate a patient's specific nutritional needs, laboratory recommendations, lifestyle recommendations and fertility risks based on the patient's individual DNA findings.

We are living very different lives to our ancestors, they had fresher food, less toxic exposure, more exercise and less long-term stress. Some people still manage to conceive despite exposure to these modern issues, but others are not so lucky.

Media bombards us with confusing messages about how to optimise fertility. Supreme Fertility provides you with scientific-based information and answers to help you boost your fertility based on the latest fileds of epigenetics and nutrigenomics research.

Our team of experts have designed a turn key solution for practitioners to offer patients affordable Fertility DNA Testing through a simple cheek swab. 

Once tested, our fertility panel reports provide the patient's SNP  analysis. Our customised software, then further provides interpretation of each abnormal genetic variation in order to quickly assist the practitioner in recommending only the right supplements that are needed together with dietary, lifestyle and other key health information for the patient to help optimise the fertile environment.

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