PCOS is one of the primary causes of infertility in women of reproductive age.

Longing to start a family and failing to get pregnant is one of the most painful experiences in a couples life. PCOS can be a major role player.
Managing it is not always easy...

1 in 10 women may be affected. Some of them suffer in silence, not even knowing that they have the condition.

  • Absent or irregular periods 
  • Prolonged periods or noticeably light periods
  • Infrequent periods 
  • Hair loss 
  • Unwanted body hair (hirsutism) 
  • Acne 
  • Weight gain 
  • Mood changes 
  • Pelvic pain 
  • Cysts on ovaries
  • Infertility 
  • Excess skin on neck or armpits

PCOS is a hormonal condition... the ovaries can produce excessive amounts of male sex hormones.

Some women with PCOS can develop cysts (fluid-filled sacs) on their ovaries.

Everyone around you has beautiful clear skin

You watch what you eat, go for regular facials and use quality skin products. You think you are doing everything right, yet nothing is working. You just can't get rid of the acne. Everyone says, "Don't worry it'll clear up soon!" But you've been struggling for months even years and there is just no improvement.

Your embarassed by excess hair growth

Your face is covered with unwanted hair growth, making you feel unattractive and leaving you hesitant to socialise with friends. What will they think of you when they see you looking like a hairy gorilla? You have absolutely no idea what to try next, what supplements to use or which doctor to visit...

Worst of all, you're getting fatter and fatter... doesn't matter what you do, you can't lose weight.

Questions We Often Hear

  • Why can't I lose weight?
  • What's wrong with me I am not ovulating?
  • Am I too manly?
  • Is there something wrong with my diet?       
  • What did I do to deserve this?
  • Do I need special medication?
  • Will it keep coming back?
  • Can I get rid of PCOS?
  • Will I be able to have children?                       
  • Can I improve the symptoms?

I want to take control of my PCOS today!

Doctors treat PCOS with certain drugs

All medications come with side effects and some may increase the chances of multiple births and potential ovarian hyperstimulation, a condition where the ovaries produce too many hormones. Symptoms such as abdominal bloating and pelvic pain may arise, as well as a host of other symptoms.

They may also prescribe oral contraceptives. ​This is to help you regulate your menstrual cycle, lower androgen levels and balance estrogen. This can help correct abnormal bleeding, excess hair growth and help control acne. But, what happens if you want to fall pregnant? 


Struggling with PCOS? 

There are a few important things you need to know.


PCOS can be easily treated

PCOS responds very well to the right treatment, there is still hope. There is a natural, side-effect free approach to treatment.

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Diet and lifestyle is important

Diet and lifestyle plays an important part. Get help from a Supreme Fertility doctor to get all the right supplements and dietary and lifestyle changes.

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Your DNA provides key insights

 Your DNA provides clues about your PCOS risk factors and essential biomarkers to help customise a treatment plan that's right for you.

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You can play an active role in treatment

You can do something about it, and take an active role in your own PCOS treatment.

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There is a natural treatment plan available.

Armed with your DNA feedback, the right food, environmental changes, supplements and medical support, you can improve or even reverse your PCOS naturally.

Key benefits:

Lose Weight
Have clearer skin
Improve fertility
Balance your hormones

Listen to this recent PCOS success story



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